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A distinctive wedding venue where you and your close family and friends can stay in beautifully appointed self catering cottages. 

Ceremony Platforn

Consider having your rehearsal dinner and evening with friends at The Cottages. Wake up and you're already at your wedding venue

Two cottages are built into your wedding package. Enjoy having your hair and makeup done in natural light while sipping on champagne inside the cottage or on your own private secluded balcony.

Many photo opportunities that include giant succulents, California Oaks, Giant Boulders and a romantic sunset view 

Picturesque Bridal Steps

The Bridal steps from the cottage to the ceremony area provide a romantic photo for first looks or that very first time that a father sees his daughter in her wedding gown.

Guests' first view of the bride is at the top of the steps !

Private Estate
Outstanding value
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Stunning Garden Setting

Beautiful, well appointed venue. Indoor and outdoor with air conditioned comfort. Accommodates multi set up days and choice of ceremony sites.

Koi pond, foot bridge, bride and groom quarters, gorgeous wood flooring or outside patio for dancing.

Rustic Weddings. Equestrian Ranch Wedding Venue with English Country Ceremony Garden.

Quail Haven Farm 

English Countryside
Quail Haven Farm is the ideal place for a wedding in the country.

Personal Residence

Give your Location a Facelift!
By using your own residence or personal location the cost of renting a venue can be avoided. Some amount of 'cleanup' should be anticipated no matter how pristine a location. Simply Regal will transform your dream through construction or merely a face lift.